ASTRA private events

Booking a rooftop venue, it’s essential to check if the building has been inspected by local authorities and has all the necessary safety features in place. These may include fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, and adequate lighting. It’s also crucial to verify that the building complies with local regulations regarding rooftop events. Rooftops can be dangerous places, particularly if there are no barriers or railings preventing guests from falling off the edge. Make sure that any access points to the roof are secure and that there are sturdy railings around the perimeter of the event space.

Consider weather conditions

Weather conditions can significantly impact rooftop events’ safety, to monitor forecasts leading up to the event and have contingency plans in place. If there is a risk of high winds or thunderstorms, consider rescheduling or moving the event indoors plan for emergencies how well-planned an event is, accidents can happen unexpectedly ensure you have easy access to a first aid kit and fire extinguishers.

Monitor alcohol consumption

  1. Alcohol consumption can lead to impaired judgment and increase accident risks at any event crucial to monitor guests’ alcohol intake levels closely and consider hiring professional bartenders who know how much alcohol should be served per guest based on local laws or guidelines. Ensure that chairs or benches are appropriately spaced out so that guests accidentally bump into each other or trip over objects on the floor.
  2. Proper lighting plays a critical role in ensuring guest safety during night-time events on rooftops therefore adequate lighting should be provided throughout your event space without causing light pollution into surrounding buildings nearby. Rooftop events can quickly become too loud for neighbours nearby if not managed properly which could lead to serious consequences such as noise complaints from neighbours or even legal action against you by officials due to violating local noise ordinances may impact future bookings at your venue space
  3. A significant consideration when hostingĀ private reservations at ASTRA is parking arrangements since this could become problematic if not planned ahead of time by creating designated spaces within walking distance from your venue area with clear directions provided for attendees who will need them most before arriving onsite.

Clean up after your event is always essential whether hosting public or private gatherings but especially true when holding private rooftop events because any debris left behind could pose additional hazards besides making it difficult for other tenants living within your building’s complex areas while trying to navigate around potential obstacles like chairs or tables left out on rooftops post-event activities.