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Ohio is one of the states that deregulated its electricity market and allows residents to choose their own energy supplier. While local utility companies still deliver and distribute power, Ohioans can take advantage of deregulation by finding a plan that works best for their budget, lifestyle, and energy needs. This can save them money, according to research by Ohio State University and Cleveland State University researchers.

Currently, Ohio has over 80 electricity supply gas companies in georgia that purchase power from local utilities to sell to residents and businesses in the state. Many of these providers offer multiple plans for different energy usage types and prices. This is similar to how internet providers offer a variety of Wi-Fi speeds and monthly prices. Residents can find the right plan to meet their energy needs by entering their zip code and comparing Ohio electricity rates online.

In addition to offering competitively priced rates, a variety of plans are available for residents and small business owners looking to minimize their environmental impact. These include green energy plans, which can help reduce a home or business’s carbon footprint. Some of these include renewable energy credits, carbon offsets, community solar panels, and zero-down efficient products.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio makes it easy for consumers to compare Ohio electricity rates by displaying the apples-to-apples Price to Compare rate on utility bills. This feature helps customers avoid overpaying by easily seeing the cost per kilowatt hour for each supplier’s offered service in their specific area. The PUCO also monitors contracts and processes used by energy suppliers to ensure they are transparent and fair.

Once a resident finds a plan they are happy with, they can simply authorize the switch online or over the phone to make the change. Once the change is made, they will receive a confirmation email with their new energy supply start date. The switch does not affect their utility delivery or distribution services, and it will be seamless for the consumer.

The local utility company will continue to deliver and provide power to all Ohio residents, regardless of which supplier they choose. They will continue to maintain and manage the power facilities in their service areas, so they will be able to handle any issues that may arise. Ohio residents can also consider joining a government aggregation program like NOPEC to leverage the buying power of their entire community and negotiate better rates with energy suppliers. This is particularly helpful during periods of high energy prices, which have been driven by inflation, rising natural gas prices, and global factors such as the war in Ukraine. The PUCO’s website has more information about these options and how to choose an energy supplier.