Drain Cleaning Services

When you think about it, our drain handles a lot more than simply water: oil, soap suds, a variety of cleansing gels, hair, and other substances. Therefore it’s no surprise if your sink becomes blocked from time to time. But, a simple DIY drain cleaner will not unclog all drains. The remedies may differ depending on the severity and depth of the obstruction. This is why we recommend beginning these treatments as soon as you observe water draining slowly. If you wait too long, the blockage may worsen and cause your pipes to explode. Here are some simple and inexpensive blocked sink solutions to help you clean up your Clogged drain and keep it running smoothly.

Snake for draining

A drain snake, often known as a plumber’s snake, is a simple instrument that you place into your drain to unclog your shower drains. While most plumbing stores sell drain snakes, you may make your own by straightening out a wire hanger. Just push the wire down the drain and pull out all of the particles creating the clog, such as hair. When you’ve removed the debris, pour some hot water down the drain to further unclog it.

Drain Cleaning Services

Wet vacuuming

This procedure may not always be effective because it is dependent on the severity of the blockage and the power of your vacuum cleaner. But it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot, and it doesn’t require any more instruments that you don’t already have at home. First, make sure your vacuum cleaner is suitable for use on damp surfaces. If so, switch to liquid mode and position the vacuum’s mouth over your drain. Increase the suction force as needed to remove all of the hair and other particles that are creating the problem.


This is one of the Clogged drain solutions that people have been using for years to unclog a drain at home. It may also be used on shower drains. A plunger works by squeezing water into your drain pipes and pushing the blockage to the drain’s surface. A plunger can be used in conjunction with any of the other ways to unclog a drain.