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When buying a house or looking for an apartment that corresponds to one’s needs, there is a very frequent question: is it better to buy a house privately or contact a real estate agency?

There is a widespread belief that buying a property from a real estate agency can increase the transaction price due to commissions. It could be true if one important aspect was not taken into account: the amount of the commissions is compensated by the margin of negotiation . This margin will be much larger the greater the experience and ability of the real estate agent in charge. Furthermore, real estate transactions without intermediaries involve much more risk.

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Buying a house privately

When looking for a house to buy , it is very common that those interested in looking for apartments for sale turn to portals where sellers offer their property in exchange for a more or less negotiable price.

This way, the potential buyer avoids having to go through a middleman, so he deals directly with the seller. While it may involve cost savings and the possibility of a seemingly smoother buying process, buying a home without an agency can cause more than one inconvenience.

One of the major drawbacks due to the lack of an intermediary is the difficulty in being able to negotiate . In fact, not everyone has the ability to negotiate the price by adducing objective reasons given by the comments that are obtained by bringing dozens of customers to visit the property.

Buying a private home has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of buying a home privately

Among the positive aspects of buying a house from a private individual are:

Cost savings. In general, avoiding the intermediary figure can save on the final price of the house. This is because real estate companies apply commissions that can vary from approximately 2% to 5%.

Direct deal with the seller. If you decide to buy an apartment or house from its owner, it is possible that the management will be faster. In this way you will avoid having to contact the agency several times, you will be able to negotiate directly with the owner and conclude the purchase with him.