Brainerd Sports and Marine is a premier marine business that has been serving the boating community in Minnesota’s Brainerd Lakes area for over 50 years. They sell new and old boats, accessories, parts, and services. In this post, we’ll look at what makesĀ brainerd sports and marine such a popular location for boating lovers.

  • Boats for Sale

Brainerd Sports and Marine carries a large selection of new and used boats from industry leaders such as Bennington, Lund, and Axis. They have everything you need, whether a fishing boat, a pontoon boat, or a wakeboarding boat. They also rent boats for individuals who want to experience the Brainerd Lakes.

  • Accessories and spare parts

Brainerd Sports and Marine sells a wide range of boating accessories and parts in addition to boats. They provide everything you need to make your boating trip safe and pleasurable, from life jackets and water skis to anchors and ropes. They also offer a staff of skilled experts to assist you with any repairs or maintenance requirements.

  • Services

Brainerd Sports and Marine is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. They provide various services, such as boat storage, winterization, and shrink wrapping. They also have a financing department that may assist you in obtaining the best loan for your boating requirements.

  • Participation in the Community

Brainerd Sports and Marine is more than just a dealership; they are also involved in the community. They support various local organizations and activities, including fishing tournaments, charity events, and youth programs.


Brainerd Sports and Marine is a Minnesota-based firm specializing in selling and servicing outdoor recreational equipment, primarily boats and related accessories. They sell new and secondhand boats from various brands, marine equipment, fishing gear, and other accessories. The company is also noted for its excellent customer service, which includes boat and recreational vehicle maintenance and repair. Brainerd Sports and Marine has been in business since 2003 and has a solid reputation in the community for providing high-quality products and services. It should be your first stop if you enjoy boating in the Brainerd Lakes area. They have everything you need to make your boating experience spectacular, including a wide selection of boats, accessories, parts, and services.

Furthermore, their dedication to customer service and community involvement distinguishes them from the competitors. So, what are you holding out for? Visit Brainerd Sports and Marine today to see why they are the area’s best choice for boaters.